Saturday, 24 May 2014

Patricia Melbourne CBD

Last Wednesday my day finished early so I strolled through the city in need of a coffee. Up the end of Little Bourke St (on the corner of Little Bourke and William) I saw a line of 15+ people, all of which where in business suits, queuing out the door of Patricia

Patricia is a standing only cafe with a simple three choice coffee menu - black, white, filter and a wide range of cakes and doughnuts. Their suppliers include Doughboy Doughnuts, Seven Seeds and Market Lane - all my favourites! 

Although I really enjoyed my coffee I think I fell more in love with the design and layout of Patricia, it could not have been more perfect. The design of the cafe was created in collaboration with Foolscap Studio. Foolscap is a design and concept firm that cover many aspects of design - interior, graphic, retail design, temporary even spaces, pop up bars and product design. My favourite aspects of Patricia are the mosaic tiles upon entry, spelling out Standing Room Only, the pink neon installation hanging from the ceiling and the sleek white bar that runs down the length of the cafe. It's like coffee for the eyes, simple and a buzz of energy. I'm going to have to keep up to date with Foolscap and their client work. 

Corner Little Bourke & Little William Streets 
(03) 9642 2237
Mon to Fri 7:00 am - 4:00 pm


 Patricia are an excellent example good quality coffee served simply.  

I might just have to change my daily route now.. 

*Marked photos taken from the Broadsheet Melbourne
* Unmarked photos taken by mwah

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