Wednesday, 26 March 2014

First blog post! Yay!

It rained this morning, which seems to be the first time in a long time. I didn't have an umbrella (typical). So in the rain I stared at the tram, and as it came closer I realised that there was no way on earth I was going to fit. 

If this happened three or four years ago I would have pushed my way on with the fear of being late for school. Today though I just turned around and got some coffee. 

The windows at this cafe were quite unique and instead of going to school I caught up on my first two periods of class and wrote this post at the cafe. 

I've always wanted to start up a "proper"  blog (i.e. not tumblr) where I can share my own photos thoughts and ideas with you all in a very structured and professional manner.

This blog is going to contain lots of things I love to talk about. Some upcoming posts that you will see soon will be travel, fashion, movie and interior design related. 

So fingers crossed this is successful, and you guys will enjoy my 'proper' blog as much as I'll enjoy putting it together for you. 

Next Post - March 2014 / if there are specific things you'd like me to include hit me up via tumblr or email / /

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